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Dec 19 at 11:18am Go to post

Here we are, the last day of finals.
Many of you will be finished, but for those who have that last final to crush we wish you the best!
It's worth it in the end!

Dec 18 at 9:34am Go to post

Morning Cougs, we're almost done with finals.
How are you holding up?
Here's your Thoughtful Thursday picture!

Dec 16 at 10:51am Go to post

Morning Cougs, we hope you're managing through this Final's week.
As some people will be just waking up (or never slept - shame on them!), this may apply!

Dec 14 at 11:12pm Go to post

Evening Cougs, don't let this be you!
Sleep is important for memory recall, if you need more studying sleep now and wake up earlier to study!
You'll thank us later. :)

Dec 14 at 2:08pm Go to post

Happy Sunday Cougs, question for you!
Aside from food, what could ASWSUTC do differently in terms of events to make your dead week and finals better?

Dec 12 at 9:29pm Go to post

Dec 12 at 10:23am Go to post

It's finally Friday!
We've made it to the end of Dead week, and with finals now upon us, what would you say is your favorite part of final exams?

Personally, we'd say closing that textbook for the last time! How about you?

Dec 11 at 1:24pm Go to post

Happy Thoughtful Thursday Cougs!
Here's the quote for this week, something to keep in mind for those of you putting off studying!
You can do it, don't wait!

Dec 11 at 1:13pm Go to post

Associated Students of Washington State University Tri-Cities,

Your student government invites applications for the position of Vice President. The Vice President provides leadership for the Associated Students, an organization that operates in the hundreds of thousands of dollars with approximately 30 people on staff. Please refer to the job posting in the Associated Students CougSync portal under Forms. Applications close on Sunday, December 21, 2014 at 5:00pm.

See More

Application link:

Dec 10 at 3:23pm Go to post

The Deadline is tomorrow! Don't forget to drop off your unwrapped presents anytime before 5:00 PM Tomorrow in any of the ASWSUTC offices (back wall of the student lounge).

Thank-you for all your generous donations so far!

Dec 10 at 10:37am Go to post

Hey Cougs, Happy Wednesday, we've voted and decided on our contest winner!
Big congratulations to Jennifer Bell!
She likes to study at the Local in Kennewick, and we're inclined to agree! It has a great atmosphere, isn't too noisy, and of course is...local.

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Stop by the ASWSUTC President's office at the back of the Student Lounge to claim your prize from President Rigo Leon!

Thank-you to everybody who entered, we enjoyed reading your answers! Everybody has their own unique study habits, what works best for them, and so it makes for interesting reading. :)

Go Cougs and keep your eyes on this feed to catch our next giveaway!

Dec 9 at 3:24pm Go to post

Contest Closed! Thanks for your entries everybody, we'll choose the winner from the existing comments, we enjoyed hearing your favorite places to study!

Dec 9 at 1:17pm Go to post

Hey Cougs! We have only three out of seven potential winners for that $100 Book Stipend, just comment here or on our page and let us know where you like to study!
First seven unique answers will be voted on and a winner chosen!

Sup Guys!

The Associated Students of Washington State University Tri-Cities (ASWSUTC) is the official student association for all registered students attending WSU Tri-Cities. The elected student leaders represent student interests, needs, and welfare on behalf of the WSU Tri-Cities students. The Student Entertainment Board (SEB) is an exciting organization that has the opportunity to program a variety of events for the students and community as WSUTC.

The two major objectives of ASWSU Tri-Cities are:

To represent student interests, needs, and welfare within the University and community at large on issues affecting student life. To initiate and coordinate activites and performances for students to attend.

Our sponsorship of student activites is our way of complementing the formal education students recieve on campus with non-acedemic activites and performances.

see more

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